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Welcome to the website of the Dutch Childhood Oncology Group - Early Clinical Trial Consortium (DCOG-ECTC). The DCOG-ECTC is a consortium which aims at implementing early phase clinical trials in children with cancer. The DCOG-ECTC is one of the collaborating partners in ITCC, an European based consortium  to promote the clinical evaluation of new anti-cancer compounds in children with cancer. The consortium consists of  47 European Pediatric Oncology Departments with expertise in conducting early phase trials in children and adolescents, and 9 European research laboratories.

This website has been developed for investigators and their study teams participating in DCOG-ECTC studies. The main goal is to provide the participating sites with all relevant study-related information, and to introduce a tool for the participating sites to implement and perform the DCOG-ECTC early clinical trials.

All participating study teams will be invited by DCOG-ECTC and will receive an account, which you need to log in. 


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Please use internet Explorer version 8 or higher, or Firefox version 14, or the latest versions of Chrome or Safari. Make sure that Flash player is enabled otherwise the website will not work properly.
A user manual for invited users is available. If you have any question or in case you encounter problems please let us know.

Patient Registration

Please check the registration procedure in the protocol. Use the links below to register and/or randomize a patient for a specific trial in ALEA. If your center has been initiated the account details for randomization have been provided to you. Please be aware that patient (pre-)registration for ITCC-054 (BCHILD) and ITCC-059 (InO) will be performed by the DCOG-ECTC Data Center.

Go to ALEA: MIBG-GEM, TEG-fibrinogen, Vidaza / ITCC-015

Go to ALEA: Opti-Clot, PARACHUTE, MRI-study


Data Management

Please follow the link below to work on the electronic case report forms (eCRF) of the study you are participating in.

OpenClinica Community: for the MIBG-GEM, Vidaza, MRI-study, Opti-Clot, TEG-fibrinogen and PARACHUTE eCRF

OpenClinica Enterprise: for the Bosutinib  (ITCC-054) and InO (ITCC-059)  eCRF


Test environments

The links below are only accessible for the Central Datamanagers.

Go to ALEA acceptance

Go to OpenClinica test (Community Edition)

Go to OpenClinica test (Enterprise Edition)

Go to new homepage (test)


Trial Office DCOG-ECTC

Follow the link below to go to the sharepoint environment of the NFU.

Go to teamwerk NFU

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OC Community Databases

February 02, 2017

Please note that the Open Clinica Community databases are not accessible at March 8th and 9th due to maintenance. The databases will be migrated to a new server and you'll not be able to work on the eCRFs on that date. After the migration you'll be able to log in using your old account details. You'll receive more information by email in due time.

Launch of our new website

February 02, 2017

Please note that our website will not be accessible at March 8th and 9th. The website will be updated; all checklists and data will be migrated to our new website. Your old log-in details will not work on the new website anymore. You'll receive more information by email in due time.