The Dutch Childhood Oncology Group - Early Clinical Trial Consortium (DCOG-ECTC) implements clinical trials in children with cancer, especially early phase trials. Team members of the DCOG-ECTC are based at different locations:


The DCOG-ECTC is one of the collaborating partners in ITCC, a European based consortium to promote the clinical evaluation of new anti-cancer compounds in children with cancer.

This website is a tool for investigators and their study teams participating in DCOG-ECTC studies, to manage DCOG-ECTC sponsored trials in an efficient manner. All new study information and information requests to participating sites will be communicated via this website.

Patient Registration

ALEA: Use this link to register and/or randomize a patient for a specific trial. If your center has been initiated the account details have been provided to you.

Data Management

Follow the link below to work on the electronic case report forms (eCRF) of the study you are participating in.

In case you have questions on the eCRF, please contact the datacenter and/or the trialmanager of the study.

OpenClinica (Enterprise Edition): for the ITCC-054 (BCHILD), ITCC-059 (InO) and ITHER study only.

OpenClinica (Community Edition): for a.o. ITCC-053 (CRISP), ITHER 2.0, Hodgkin Biomarkers, Udance

CASTOR: for a.o. Car-T, Emend Aprepitant, Pinocchio

Open Clinica training

Follow the link below to open the Open Clinica training video’s. Watch (sound on) the video’s applicable for your role in Open Clinica.

Open Clinica training video’s for all users of Open Clinica

Test environments

The links below are only accessible for the Central Datamanagers.

ALEA acceptance

OpenClinica test (Community Edition)

OpenClinica test (Enterprise Edition)


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